turning on the waterworks

 A funny thing about women’s liberation is that all the perks of equality are demanded, even the office of President of the United States. But somewhere in the background, the “poor little me” card can be pulled out anytime, the condition if you’re the one woman in a group of men.  A boss of long time past would say, “I can stand anything, except a woman crying!” This trick will not work if there is just one other female who will stare her out or call the game.

Hillary pouted and closed her eyes,  saying “my feelings were hurt” when it was reported she was not “likeable” enough.  Why didn’t they all just give her a group hug?

Since that childish outburst was not a disaster but positive attention getting, she later turned on the waterworks, saying how hard it all was, with glassy eyes. This near-breakdown allegedly won her the 3 percentage points above the rest in the New Hampshire primaries.  With all due respect, though, this New England State does not have a large population, 1.3 million. Hillary received a little over 10,000  more votes than Obama.

What happened to “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?” Sorry, but her presence is trivializing and softening as she is working it to her advantage.  Imagine if the guys broke down and started crying.  So the rules are different for women and that is not right.  She’s not a weak little thing, either.

And what of the foreign policy implications? The Chinese, Europeans (fill in the blanks) don’t find me (us) likeable? Boo-hoo.  What shall we do in order that they like us? Please like us! Do whatever is needed to be liked. And she’ll say or do anything even if it contradicts what she said the last minute in order to be liked.

When she struts around the stage saying, “we are better off now than we were 7 years ago” to the tune of loud clapping and then cries about the need for change–virtually the only thing she talks about– she is actually admitting her predecessor was better. So why go further back to the bad old days of the Clintons?         Iron my shorts.

“Change” is a word that all the Democrats seem to be devoutly competing for, even Obama. The voice of reason does manage to slip through from the other side when Giuliani said to the effect that you can have change for the better and change for the worse.  Duh.

But timing is everything, isn’t it? The visit of George Bush to the Middle East had to come a day later than the NH Primaries, so as not to crowd the stage.

A poem to George Bush was read by a seller in the Jerusalem outdoor market (the best politcal pundits) on local TV lamenting the lack of customers because of the virtual closure of the city:

“If you had come in the summer, we could have brought you to the sea to have a barbecue, and then to watch a football game together. But now in the winter it’s very inconvenient since we can’t get around. So make your trip short so we can get back to normal…” (free translation)


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