The Funniest Thing I Ever Read

Padre Armando Pierucci domenica mattina prenderà l’aereo per Roma: l’Accademia dei Piceni lo premierà tra i marchigiani dell’anno. Il premio della comunità marchigiana di Roma non è propriamente il Premio Nobel ma forse padre Armando lo meriterebbe!”

While I’m choking on my coffee, here is an offhand translation:

“PAP Sunday morning will take a plane for Rome.  The Academy of Piceni will bestow on him a prize among the (renowned) citizens of the Marche (a somewhat rural province of Italy).

Not only prize of the Marche Community he deserves, but the NOBEL PRIZE!!!!”


No evidence is needed for getting a prize for making peace in Italy apparently, except “I said so”, resting on: “I am clergy, so I would never lie or exaggerate”.  And my parent organization is so happy to have a public mascot in order to draw attention and money.

The following is enough to make you want to throw up your morning breakfast: 

“I locali, umidi da far paura, sono stati ricavati nei sotterranei del Convento Francescano in piena città Vecchia di Gerusalemme. I bambini che frequentano la scuola, dove studiano diversi strumenti, sono ebrei, cristiani e palestinesi: un raro esempio di convivenza che meriterebbe l’attenzione dei mezzi di informazione non solo locali!”

Boo hoo, I must take out a tissue and weep while I translate this: (Really Darfur and Myannmar are NOTHING by comparison.)

“The premises humid (enough) to make one fearful, have been ensconsed in a subterreanean basement of the Franciscan Convent of the Old City of Jerusalem. The children who attend the school are Jews, Christians and Palestinians in a rare example of cohabitation that deserve the attention of all means of information, not only local.”*

YES, CERTO, the truth should be known immediately to the Jerusalem Municipality to take out these bambini RIGHT AWAY and place them in one of the better appointed properties of the Franciscans in the Holy Land.  After all the Pope did give 1 million euro to the Custody of the Holy Land back in 2006.  And an EXTENSIVE renovation of said basement was made in August 2007, which was not humid by any means, deliciously cool in the summer and snug in the winter.

 I AGREE, by all means, EVERYONE  please write to the J’lem City Council and inform them that the Custody is keeping 200 bambini in an airless, humid basement!!!

Oh, but there MIGHT be a problem since if the bambini are taken out of the basement, the chances for the peace monk to get the Nobel Prize are lessened!! Something like pinching babies in order to attract the pity or passers-by, and from those who are not even beggars, instead, are among the richest in the country with property and funds.

It’s ALL actually VERY un-funny…how about “disgrazia”?

In reference to my first post: “Bridge of Dreams to Musical Utopia” that gives hard evidence why public glory is totally absurd for such people, it seems the Brooklyn Bridge, the London Bridge and Ponte dei Sospiri have already been sold and packaged to unbelievably naive and silly Italians.

Nobel Prize advocates in Italy for clever, unscrupulous horse traders, put the following in your pipe and smoke it:

 By the way, English speakers, “gli ebrei spariranno” (above) means that the “Jews will disappear”. This was published in Terra Santa, in their winter edition of 1997, the editor, Pierucci himself.  A protest and scandal followed reported on the pages of Corriere (above). Of course, this particular edition is not online by them. A kind of backhanded apology was issued but all in all, their brand of peacemaking is based on the hard rockfoundation of their perceived superiority. Such weird peacemaking is actually deep prejudice and racism in disguise. *

My previous post, “Brother Act”, shows how Moslem and Jews are publicized by the Custody as singing Christian hymns.  No doubt, such announcements warm the hearts of those who don’t want to REALLY dirty their hands by making real peace with non-Christians and above all, respecting THEIR traditions. One wonders how the Custody would feel if Christian kids were preempted into Moslem or Jewish ritual without complete understanding of what they were doing and then paraded before the world on websites.

* The following weird extract shows evidence of a sick mind, the kind that would blurt out that the “Jews will disappear”.  (Even more astonishing is who would accept such trash as normal.):

Che il “Magnificat” sia un’iniziativa di pace lo si capisce al primo sguardo: molte foto di professori e studenti sono appese ai muri: una gamma di colori dal cioccolato al bianco latte ti dice che qui fanno musica persone senza distinzione etnica, linguistica o religiosa: Cristiani di tutte le confessioni, Musulmani  e Israeliani vivono insieme in bella armonia,  musicale e sociale.

** Surfing the internet is a never ending source of fun and also a dictionary of superlatives for in reality, a very nasty place:

Corriere Adriatico, 29 aprile 2006
Premio Vallesina, le decisioni del comitato
A padre Pierucci la targa di Ciampi

del 29/04/2006
MAIOLATI – Il comitato del Premio Vallesina ha individuato come destinatario della targa d’argento del presidente della Repubblica la scuola musicale Magnificat, gestita da padre Armando Pierucci. La notizia è stata ufficializzata ieri nel corso di una conferenza stampa tenuta dal presidente del premio, nonché sindaco di Monsano, Gianluca Fioretti, dal primo cittadino di Maiolati Giancarlo Carbini e dall’assessore alla Cultura Sandro Grizi. Il comitato sta lavorando da mesi alla manifestazione che permette di segnalare personaggi della nostra zona che si sono fatti valere in Italia e nel mondo. E uno dei protagonisti della cerimonia di premiazione del 24 giugno a Jesi, nella cornice dei giardini dell’hotel Federico II, sarà proprio padre Armando, il francescano nato a Maiolati e che opera da diciotto anni a Gerusalemme come animatore di una scuola musicale simbolo di pace e di amicizia fra i popoli.

La motivazione del premio parla infatti dell’istituto Magnificat come di un “fulgido esempio di convivenza civile e superamento delle barriere tra ebrei e palestinesi, arabi e armeni, in cui allievi e docenti da oltre dieci anni convivono tra loro, apprendendo e diplomandosi in musica classica, sinfonica e organistica”.

In short the peace monk got a medal for the “shining example of civil coexistence and overcoming the barriers between blah and blah, blah and blah“.   

Prizes and medals as stepping stones to the Nobel Prize, baby!  When the ebrei in the school will finally get to double digit, then sainthood should be considered.





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