fantasie en français

I was going to attach this latest piece of nonsense to previous blogs but decided that “musique pour la paix” at the Magnificat deserved its own space:

« un petit miracle se produit ici de façon continuelle, tout ce petit monde (israéliens, arabes, juifs, chrétiens, musulmans) travaille ensemble dans la paix. La musique les rassemble »

Clergy must have a different definition of peaceful music making that includes shouting at the kids so much that they lose interest in music completely.  Soeur française , why don’t YOU search YOUR conscience about rigged academic board elections when you were questioned by your own teacher, grabbed her writsts and pinned her to the door? That was apparently not cruel by French or Catholic definitions, given that said teacher lost her own father one week before and was already in a state of grieving, or the teacher herself for a time sincerely believed the well rehearsed slogans of the director that were ONLY manipulation to get the sympathy of the staff to work from THEIR hearts:  “Oh you must love-a the school”.

But people ONLY do nasty things when they feel secure enough that they can get away with them. If the Custody gives a blank check to the antics of the clergy in the peace school, then of course, they are free to inflate the number of students by 2x, can collect money anywhere and everywhere freely without any supervision or need for transparency, they can say, write or do anything they please that contradict the norms of honesty and decency in civil society, bien-sûr, va tout droit.  You can also DREAM about the prix Nobel for yourself as well.

Because that’s what it is ALL about: self-promotion on the backs of the kids who get a substandard musical education but who are being used daily in a petit miracle de paix to drum up money and attention for the administrators.

In reference to the above, ANY music school that has been in operation for 13 years with 200 students should have MORE to show for itself,  MUCH MORE with all their bragging.  In general the first prizes of their own competition on the highest levels are not won by their own, except on the lower levels where the kids are drilled like the military by the ex-Russkies. Of course, their students have hardly a chance in any competition nationwide.  (Why don’t they check out what talented Chinese or Philipino kids are doing? Such a reality check should be revealing.)

Forcefeeding the outdated 10 year Italian program from the 1930’s is one of the reasons for the low level of playing. Having to sing substandard compositions is another reason the choir performs so badly. (Don’t agree? Let’s hear you all on youtube!) Above all, simply unqualified teachers prevail especially those who come from France and NEVER had ONE hour of pedagogy training where in secular society is taught that shouting and touching kids are forbidden.

Otherwise, if the tuition were as much as those other schools that have to compete in the free market, one would have to go around with a magnifying glass not only to find Jews and Moslems but students at all in the damp basement. Instead, they prefer to invoke Scripture about their self-manufactured problem of raising money every month to pay salaries:

Comment trouver de l’argent pour tout ce travail ? Ce n’est pas très facile. La Custodie franciscaine soutient le projet et un gros support financier arrive d’Italie. « La Providence pourvoit mais cela passe par des personnes ! »

Continuez à jouer la fantasie….







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