Brother Act II

For those who have a hard time wading through the detail in my previous articles, I would like to simplify matters in this new post. When a closed, secretive organization like the Catholic Church comes out in the open via websites, in particular the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, this should be a breath of fresh air for everyone.

But let them play the rules like everyone else.

1. If you raise money, publish incoming and outgoing funds on the public forums you use to promote yourselves.

2.  Stop using God and Scripture to justify yourselves and whatever you do.

3.  Stop whitewashing questionable members of the clergy (or actually gold-plating them).

4. In effect, stop pretending that you are above normal humanity. Do not use the money and clout to make everyone believe that you are perfect and all your clergy are saints.

5. Do not pretend that any of the above would be approved by Jesus or St. Francis.

6, Respect intellectual property. The world is not your oyster anymore like in the Middle Ages.

7. Be ready for criticism individually and in groups, like everyone else.

8. Read what Paul and Jesus said about obeying civil law.

9. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the internet kitchen.



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