Bomb of Peace

“Bomb of Peace” as a slogan is in itself dynamite, a clever, eye- catchy construction that any sensationalist newspaper would love to print on its front page.  It has the sweet-sour,  reconciliation of opposites, “turning swords into ploughshares” that shows true PR talent.

After all, Alfred Nobel himself personified the duality of an arms manufacturer, the inventor of explosives and the founder-benefactor of the Prize for Peace still given in his name from 1901.

So a person who actually succeeded in making and exploding a bomb of peace in Jerusalem of all places, surely should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you don’t know who that is, none other than Armando Pierucci, you can read about the “Bomb of Peace” on the religious site, ZENIT:

Please be informed that back in Feb 2004, the number of Jews in the Magnificat School was not enough to fill the fingers of one hand. The number of students was NOWHERE near 180, in reality hovering around one third.

Frankly, it looks like this “bomb of peace”, was and still is, a wet firecracker. 







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