Paradox in the Tower of Babble

According to one of the latest fundraising publications online, the Magnificat Institute is a “paradoxical place” * in need of funds for its alleged 200 Arab and Jewish students to “get to know each other and increase their numbers”.

It surely is a paradox with at least 6 languages on the Custodia Terrae Sanctae site:

1. Why such nonsense is published chiefly in Italian?

2. Why on the Custody Hebrew site the Magnificat School is not even mentioned, if at least they are “welcoming Jews”, as what they constantly broadcast to the Italian public. And why of course there is virtually no announcement in the Hebrew press “welcoming Jewish students”?

It is clearly admitted now that their piano competition going on for 9 years is open to Palestinian students (as described in a previous blog, “Sad Bambini and Gold-Plated Metronomes”), meaning no Jewish students need apply EVEN if they are students at the Magnificat, a “paradox”, indeed!! 

Only an outside entity saved the day and (probably faccia as well), the Ufficio di Pace, from the Municipality of the Eternal City who offers the Premio “Roma per Gerusalemme” for both a Palestinian and Israeli winner. They do not compete with one another but each group gets a prize anyway. Otherwise the school discriminates against itself.  A riddle worthy of the Sphinx.

Maybe the braggadocio publications in inglese are much sparser because the English speaking world might be somewhat less inclined to believe in paradoxes, BBC documentaries about corruption and coverup in the Church notwithstanding that I just read were not enthusiastically received by Italian TV.

A paradox to consider: truth + beauty + true peace = inverse proportion to misleading self-serving propaganda in selective languages.




 “Questo luogo “paradossale” ha bisogno di essere sostenuto -racconta Padre Armando-. “All’inizio l’idea era considerata da molti irrealizzabile. Ma non è stato così. Il successo dell’istituto ci rende orgogliosi, ma anche preoccupati. Abbiamo bisogno di un nuovo spazio per la scuola se vogliamo che altri bambini arabi ed ebrei s’incontrino e crescano insieme”. È necessario ricavare nuove aule per le lezioni, procurarsi nuovi strumenti, coinvolgere nuovi insegnanti qualificati, per andare incontro alle esigenze di questa scuola “alternativa”, scuola di educazione alla musica, al bello, al vero e pertanto alla vera pace.           

 Dice Padre Armando: Al “Magnificat” non si chiede a nessuna delle 200 persone che lo frequentano, professori o studenti: “A quale popolo, religione, paese appartieni?”.

(Incidentally, if you don’t ask “what people, religion country“, how do you know what the ethnic proportions are, moreover, to raise money on the premise of multi-culturalism?)


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