Tiller and the murderous hypocrisy of the Church

According to the official whitewash by the conglamorate media, the “slain (late term abortion) doctor” George Tiller was “eulogized as passionate and generous”.  He liked “Star Trek” and had a sense of humor.  On June 6th, the College Hill United Methodist Church in Wichita, Kansas, hosted some 900 mourners who could not fit into his home church, the Reformation Lutheran, where he was an usher and his wife sang in the choir.  Some 50 American Legion motorcyclists came to honor the former Navy member.

What they don’t mention is Sarah Brown, the baby who miraculously survived until the age of 5 his injection of lethal poison into her face when she was still in mummy’s tummy.  Her teenage mom in 1993 was asked to come back the next day to Tiller’s clinic with the defiled fetus, with the assumption that the poison would take time to kill it.  The baby didn’t die, however,  and eventually she was delivered in a hospital with very little chance as to her survival. The staff didn’t have much hope either until it was apparent that even without treatment or care for a few hours, the baby was still alive.

As her mother and her grandparents fled the scene, now blind and brain damaged Sarah was taken care of by adoptive parents until she succumbed to the barbarous treatment given to her by George Tiller while she was in the womb. 1. 

Only one horror like this should ruin a person for life who has anything to do with it. Normal people retain some sense of the squeamish. But psychopaths revel and wallow in gore.  Repeating bloody horrors on a weekly basis (on the average one a day for decades) is surely in the spirit of a Josef Mengele.  The Church and the press obliged by cleaning up his act, making it more palatable to the public.

In a society where practically anything unpleasant is rationalized away, what one doesn’t see or care to see, like the suffering of animals killed for meat, for instance, simply doesn’t exist. It is not astonishing then that the media transmits “feel good” values even if there are a herd of dinosaurs bearing poison syringes in the living room.

But the Church has NO RIGHT to condone or in these cases simply ignore the bastardization of values in not only admitting a despicable abortionist but letting him parade around as though his actions are acceptable. Here’s where shaming or shunning would have served a good purpose. Instead the Church shamed itself. A bullet well placed did not have to be the remedy. The CHURCH should have stopped him a long time ago.  They knew he had been performing murder of fetuses to the tune of thousands from 1973 to 2009 until he was FINALLY brought down.

All kudos to Sarah Palin and her family. Wish there were more her like.  It may be inconvenient to bear the responsibilities for unwanted pregnancies, but how much worse is it to condone and participate in murder.

The hypocrisy in the social sphere is viable babies can thrive even from 6 months gestation. The best care and concern is afforded them and rightly so. But how do these standards not apply to even older and more developed babies that are simply poisoned, dismembered, have their skulls cracked while still in the womb? And where is the outcry of the Church in general and in particular this addled bunch of self-rationalizating idiots in Wichita, Kansas?

 “Glory, halleluiah, Dr., pass the Communion trays today??? Oh thank you for your donation to the Church. What a generous man!!! We are a ‘caring’ community.”

With respect to the stricter policies of the Catholics, how did abortion supporting Obama get in the front door of Notre Dame University? Apparently there were protesting women barred from getting close to the premises, including those who openly regretted ever getting an abortion, and praying the Rosary outside.

There is an explanation for the moral slide and lack of accountability in the Church in general. This has to do with “feel good” liberalism. If a murderer is a nice guy, well that’s enough. Let’s have peace with one another, sing in the church choir, let’s have dialogue with people whose values are different. 2.

Well, Tiller allegedly charged in excess of $5000 per murder but if he were a generous person, this is not considered “blood money”? 3.

WRONG. In law, there is the concept of “fruit from a poisoned tree”, in other words, it is wrong to derive gain from illegal and/or immoral acts.

Would Jesus want everyone to “feel good”? Absolutely not. He overturned the money changers’ tables right in the Temple itself.

The care and protection of the defenseless is the cornerstone of civilized society. How it is possible then in a Wichita Church to twist Christian values out of shape completely to accomodate baby murder?A pox on you all!!!

You’ll see Mengele in hell, you bastard Tiller, together with Herod. Let Sarah Brown and the other 9000 murdered innocents be your judges.

Instead, one might expect Hipprocrates to be in heaven:

“I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.”

 1. http://www.abortiontv.com/Methods/GeorgeTiller.htm

2. “Inconvenience” is perhaps the worst and even invalid reason for seeking to terminate a preganancy.  The “greatest good for the greatest number” is certainly operative here. Saving lives is more important than the fact a baby is conceived at an inconvenient time and the law bent to accomodate it. In families, there should be NO abortion at all. This is damaging to the psyches of the already existing children.

Some people might think it inconvenient to drive on the right side of the road and not on the left or on the pavement but laws are enacted as a compromise to ensure the greatest good for the greatest number.

3. One can afford to be generous in the vicinity of tens of millions, even a high roller for the State Governor.  At a rate of about 300 abortions per year (maybe less than the actual number),  3000 per decade times 3 = 9000 dead babies and ruined psyches for the women who submitted themselves.  A rough calculation would be $5000 x 9000 = $45,000,000!!! Some other estimates by T himself are 60.000, so just add another zero to the moola and you get 450 million dollars!!!


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