why the media condones George Tiller

To its utter shame, the conglomerate media with few exceptions, did a collective whitewash on the late notorious  abortionist, George Tiller.  If  aliens came from another planet and read just what the so-called impartial press had to say about him,  they would conclude he was not only a regular guy but worthy to be eulogized by a Very Reveremd Katherine Ragsdale,  the Deaness of the Harvard Episcopal Divinity School, who called him a “saint and martyr”.

If the aliens were previous visitors to planet Earth, say about 40-50 years ago, they may be confused by the modern use and appellation of ‘martyr’.  Still, according to the dictionary, ‘martyr’ and ‘killer’ are not yet synonymous.  A ‘martyr’ does not take others down with him in a bloody attack.  A ‘martyr’ is on the other side of power– the unenfranchised, weak and unprotected.  More than that, and this is terribly important,  they are “Blessed in the sight of the Lord who endure persecution for His Name’s sake”. 

In Hebrew this is known as “kiddush ha-shem”, being a witness to the Lord even unto death.

For those who think that Christianity made more trouble than good in 2000 years, well, it is still a step up from the Roman Empire that glorified power, where infanticide was acceptable.  Protection of the weak is something new in human history and surely there have been more exceptions than the rule in carrying it out.

How is it possible then that such a massive backsliding occured with respect to condoning abortion?

Narcissism, utter rampant narcissism. Yes, THAT is the reason.  When selfishness is an a priori premise, when ‘convenience’ is enshrined as an absolute value  so much that it is not even questioned anymore, when ‘feeling good’ replaces uncomfortable choices that morality demands, it is more than clear how the preceding lead down the garden path to fetuses sent to a clinic’s incinerator. 1.

It’s interesting to posit the string of rationalizations that end up with defending murdering babies.

1. Convenience as the highest value. Therefore, if having a baby interferes with going to a rock concert (cited as one of the reasons in Tiller’s files), get rid of it.

2. “A woman’s body is her own.” This is certainly applicable in issues that have to do with force coming from outside, as in rape or pressure to marry a person who already has two wives, etc.  But a baby’s body is not the property of a woman in the same way a children and wives were considered property in Roman times and still are in certain cultures.

In other words, what rights one claims for onesself, should be applied to others in similar circumstances. Those who are not religious might be inconvenienced by laws promoting humanitarian values but these are the same who benefit by laws forbidding murder and theft.

3. “Feel good”.  One should expect the Christian churches in America to unilaterally condemn abortion but they have loosened their standards to include any liberal behavior.  The College Hill United Methodist Church who hosted his funeral (“passionate, generous man”) has a website utterly dripping with compassion and caring. 

 Hey, guys, you are just pouring perfume on s**t! And, know what?  Jesus would agree with me.

4. Palming off responsibility. This ping-pong going back and forth first gives the doctor the onus of guilt, who slipped through the loophole of the law. But rather than blaming him, or even assuming a neutral position,  it is far more productive to praise him. The ball now in the woman’s court seems like a virtue rather than vice.

In short, condoning Tiller is self-justification. This is happening in the US on a massive scale. Narcissists traditionally, spend a lot of time and energy in excusing themselves as a substitute for morality.

The Emperor’s clothes are not as in the story, non-existent, but Rags, bloodied and gory.

1. The question comes up frequently:  weren’t the villagers around Auschwitz  concerned about the burning stench enough to do something about it? Likewise for citizens of Wichita… http://www.armyofgod.com/GeorgeTillerBabyKillerJosephMengele.html


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