missionary racket in the Holy Land

Allied to and very much in bed with Peace Confidence Tricksters Inc., is The Missionary Racket in the Holy Land.  Like the dubious merchants of “peace”, some of whom previously mentioned in the blog who sell more visions of coexistence than music to their Italian suckers, largely Americans make monkeys out of their home bases who give lavishly to anyone allegedly roughing it up in the Holy Land. The latter includes sending their kids to the most expensive private schools in the country.

No evidence needs to be supplied that converts are actually being made, as “preparing the ground” can take years, even decades. “Being filled with the Spirit” is enough reason for Church members in the US to shell out money up to and including millions of dollars. Virtue by association is very much operative here, since the word “missionary” conjures up persecution and deprivation in the thickest of jungles. 

Instead, the Israel Ministry of Interior makes a perennial cleanup of proselyters, especially those “ministering to the Jews” and rightly so. Those who minister to the Arab community have their share of token Moslems for show, or more precisely those on the take, and grabbing as much as they can from the Christian missionaries and tourists as they have done for centuries.

Proselytization in these days of supposed cultural tolerance is actually a contradiction in terms.  Quite frankly, how do they get away with it?  How do they disguise their own self-importance and sinful pride?

Simple, they say that God appointed them.  This is a weird, but not unusual web heading for one of the most prominent ministers to the Jewish People:


Israel’s Redemption – Seeing Spirit-filled Believers used of God to provoke spiritual jealousy so that the Good News of Yeshua can be received.

Whaaa????  using one of the worst sins–being jealous of another’s spiritual state in order to  spread the Gospel??? That is SO SICK!!!!  This somehow reminds me of quite a few years ago “Stripping for Jesus”, that is, getting attention by doubtful acts and behavior, also similar to inflating the number of students in a Catholic music school in order to raise money.

In law, this is called “fruit of a poisoned tree”, benefits derived from criminal acts and are NOT acceptable.  Hey, you are imputing to God your OWN prejudice and deep spiritual sickness.  The Torah would not condone “spiritual jealousy” (meaning all those just salivating at the mouth, wishing they could be dancing around “spirit-filled”–Oh give me a break!!!)

And you even have the nerve to presume that YOU can teach the Jews how to CORRECTLY read their own scripture!! 1.


But as confidence trickery goes, so much of it would disappear if the money conduit were closed. Here’s a nice cash cow that keeps mooing with delight: http://new.gbgm-umc.org/advance/about/

As a summing up and also mentioned in previous articles on this blog, you can ONLY clean up YOUR own yard FIRST.  Presumably, one would be SO busy with his or her shortcomings and the need to improve them that little or no time can be spent for “converting” others to your own allegedly superior world view.

Furthermore, if you are really interested in introducing others to your own faith, you can ONLY do it by example, not by being a lying cheat.  Your own upright behavior and service to others will draw outsiders in.

Instead, the Church is a scandal as usual, full of parasites and liars, the focal point being the almost totally corrupt “holy land”.

And by the way, Jesus would NOT recognize ANY of YOU.

1. This article eloquently speaks for itself, answering that “identity theft” is at the base of using Jewish ritual as a way of drawing people into Christian service:  http://www.jewsforjudaism.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=267&Itemid=255


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