fear and compassion

Recently there was a before and after Oprah show about the closing of the Williamson, WVa. swimming pool in 1987 by the manager when an AIDS infected man insisted upon entering it. At the time the etiology and transmission of the disease was not fully understood, so some citizens acted in panic by refusing to swim in it. Some off the top comments made by community members in her early show were not exactly gracious but given the threat, they could not be seen as unwarranted.

How this became a media event is another question. How a swimming pool in a small mining town suddenly becomes a national issue, stagecraft surely smells here.  It’s not enough to persuade already converted urbanites to secular values. The problem is how to filter these to small town conservative folk and get them to admit they might not be right or kind all the time, i.e., destroy their own credibility to themselves.

Bringing the original members back to “repent” of their outspokenness was supposed to be a feel-good healing experience for them and for the millions of viewers. The idea was to parade these people as being untrue to their own values, to show how Bible believers can be so un-Christian. 

I submit this was highly perverse and sneaky coming from the high-priestess of Hollywood values but true to form the way anti-family values have been coming from a crack in the window and spreading all over the house, just like infectious bacteria. 

Over the 23 years since this event happened there has been non-stop, in-your-face, bending-over-backwards to promote compassion for the same sex lifestyle in the mass media. What about compassion for dismantling the family, the cornerstone of society? The latter is a far more grievous concern than being caught with one’s compassion pants down.

 “Fear” is the hook so cleverly wrought. Offense is the best defense. Well, fear is a natural response to perceived danger. Should one be fearful of a highly infectious disease when all the facts were not in? Is this unreasonable? Surely not. Caling it phobia makes normal people seem deranged. When caught, good people will examine themselves first and say mea culpa if they offended anyone.  This was the repeating refrain in so many words during the show from the carefully selected group that was by the way, not open to the public as the forum 23 years before.

Having seen the recent program, I believe this was a disgusting display of manipulation by Oprah to have the community members constantly defending themselves when they should have nailed her instead on being one of the country’s biggest home wreckers in her own drippingly fake, subversively accusative, selective compassion.

Thyphoid Mary 100 years ago may have been worthy of compassion as an individual but who really cares when people sickened and died because of her lack of personal responsibility in spreading the disease. Blotting out the fear mechanism by saying these are really nice people worthy of compassion while the whole structure of society crumbles, is perverse and much more blameful.


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