What, Three Monotheistic Religions?

“May Jerusalem become a model of harmony and coexistence between the THREE MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS” is a translated quote by Monseignor Fouad Twal at the Midnight Mass in Bethlehem, 2010,  at 3:36 on this youtube clip.


Three monotheistic religions? What? The WHOLE point of Christmas is bringing into the world the Third member of the Trinity. This line by Twal was unfortunately repeated by the international press. In fact, worshipping Jesus is the main objection by the TWO Monotheistic religions. I submit a statement like that is to water down the Faith in order to be politically correct.  This spoiled a rather timely sermon on the family and anti-abortion.

“…in a packed church the patriarch’s homily was a true historical recollection” at 1:26

Yes, this was historical all right, the night the Catholic Church in the Holy Land lost the right to call itself as such.


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